SONG FACTORY trauma-informed catharsis MUSIC CREATION PROGRAM through the creation of music and lyrics TM

Clients work with internationally acclaimed and award-winning composer/producer James Wright Glasgow to write, record, and produce two original songs of any genre over the course of eight workshop sessions and enjoy the emotional rewards of the program.

Song Factory welcomes clients regardless of musical, reading, or writing ability level. The program is consistently successful by quantitative and qualitative measures, including a documented reduction of negative behaviors and hopelessness in participants.
Song Factory is an inclusive one-on-one music creation workshop designed for young people who have experienced difficult events that they have not fully processed.

"I truly believe that this program saved my client's life."
- Case Worker
“It lets me get my emotions out."
-Program Participant
“Today, I am proud to say that due to this program I have made it to safety and I now have freedom to express who I am."

-Program Participant
“She’s expressing herself, which she never did before. This program opened her eyes; she has learned that it’s okay to feel.”
-Foster Parent
“My client’s confidence in his abilities and self-esteem has shown improvement as he is more willing to try new things and shows less self-consciousness of his speech impediment.”
-Social Worker

NOW PLAYING LOVE recovering from abuse NOW PLAYING GOOD STUFF gratitude in the face of hardship

Song Factory has created over 100 songs since 2018. Here are a few we were given permission to share. Listen

LYRIC EXCERPTS The youth of Song Factory put an unbelievable amount of work and honesty into their creations. Many youth offer to share their work in the hope that listeners who have lived through trauma will know that they aren't alone. Drugs are why I got taken away
dad started selling drugs to survive
divorced parents, I was homeless
I was stealing drugs, so I could get high
I’d be going through withdrawal
dad coming to my visits
high on heroin, nodding out
I really want to see him
he’s going down the wrong path
stop before it’s too late
seen people overdose
wonder why I’m full of hate
LOVE My ex boyfriend told me he loved me
and yes he always hugged me
treated me right
then pulled out the knife
Now he thinks he’s above me
He made me bleed,
He’d accuse and plead
that he never hurt me
the bruises on me
nobody could see
16 year old girl
now I may be young
I’m living in a big world
I don’t want to love
I don’t know how to love
She is floating
Trying to put her thoughts into motion
She shouldn’t have to feel lost
in the middle of the ocean
holding on to ice
hands slip
trying to grip
the little bit of faith she has left
OCEAN Do you really see her?
Do you see the pain, the hurt?
The fear that she carries in her heart
She’s only 15
Her mom won’t listen
Even when her eyes glisten
doesn’t know what she’s missing
only sees what’s on her screen
She asks for help
you see her wave you down
you look the other way
Is this meant to be
she shouldn’t have to wonder
where she’s staying tonight
When she screams do you hear it
She’s only 15
Cuts and bruises don’t amount to much
Just makes the memories crawl
Back from inside that house
When the red and blue lights
illuminated the walls
Can’t help my heart going beat beat beat
To the tune of my thoughts playing on repeat
stuck in my head with no escape route
Can’t outrun the fear of letting it out
even though I’m dying
I won’t make a mark
But you won’t ever know
I’ll shut you out, stay in the dark
I want to be honest
but I don’t want to be the girl
who’s not allowed around butter knives
Can’t be honest
no matter how many times I’ve tried
Looping through days
drifting past years
Too many thoughts going through my head
Wake me up when I’m not so numb
don’t want to get out of bed
I’m sick
Stay away it’s contagious
You don’t want to catch this
flashbacks of anxiety and medication mixed

About Us Song Factory was chosen as one of the Top 6 Innovative Practices in the US and Canada by the Council of Accreditation in 2019, and in 2020 was awarded a $50,000 grant through the Children's Home of Wyoming Conference (CHWC), from the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation.

This grant led to the construction of a professional-grade therapeutic music studio at CHWC, where sessions are held weekly.

Song Factory was a featured speaker at the 2019 OCFS NYS Voluntary Agency Summit, presenting on its innovations in the field of trauma-informed care.
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About Us Participants of a variety of ages, genders, and ACE scores have all experienced success with this program. Song Factory uses the Behavior Rating Index for Children (BRIC). This measures the severity of a child’s negative behaviors on a scale of 1 to 100. As of December 2020, the results are consistently positive; improvements average 14.5 points, and improvements range up to 55 points in overall reduction of challenging behaviors, with no cases of negative change.

Song Factory also uses the Hopelessness Scale for Children (HSC). This rapid assessment instrument gauges hopelessness on a scale from 1 to 17. Participants show an average of a 2-point improvement in hopefulness.

In a population that is historically battling with competing priorities, youths have been able to maintain a high level of engagement and participation. Attendance for Song Factory is at 95.5%.

Based on an aggregate of responses to end-of-program evaluation questions, Song Factory graduates have expressed a 98% satisfaction rate.

Data also indicates that Song Factory also consistently assists participants in developing willingness to be open with their social workers over the duration of the program, with an average increase of 3.6 points on a scale from 1 to 10.
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Song Factory was created in 2017 by Kim Stratton (MSW/MASS, Vice President of Quality at The Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference) and James Wright Glasgow (ASCAP, Owner of Strange Fangs Song Factory). The program was designed to cater to the strengths of the participant and constantly adapt to meet the needs of the individual, and is developmentally focused, relationship based, and trauma informed.

Developed with the assistance and generosity of The Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference in Binghamton NY, Song Factory is now available in person in Broome County and the Hudson Valley Region.

Interest and participation in the program continues, with multiple youths consistently reaching out to see if there is availability for them to participate in Song Factory in coming months.
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Song Factory LLC is an independent organization owned and operated by James Wright Glasgow. We establish contracts with agencies based on the number of youths to participate over a set period of time, and then provide the program to that agency’s population. Song Factory comes to any agency it partners with, and thanks to a mobile recording setup the sessions can be held in any private space available (a spare office, for example).

Song Factory thrives with a strong partnership with a youth’s social work and support team. Weekly documentation keeps everyone informed and helps to build the relationship between youth and social worker. Over 50 young people have graduated from Song Factory as of September 2021.

The newest program development is a fully online option. This flexible program option was successfully implemented at the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie (CHP). These program graduates have identified the virtual option as both enjoyable and highly effective in meeting their needs. This online feature (using video chat and remote controlled recording equipment provided by Song Factory) allows Song Factory to come to any agency in New York State.

Song Factory is currently headquartered at the Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference in Binghamton, NY, and provides services to the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie. Song Factory is currently available for additional in-person partnerships in the Hudson Valley, Capital, New York City, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier regions of New York.

Additional information is available upon request.
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Kim Stratton, co-creator of Song Factory, worked as a marketing recruiter for Binghamton University in the early years of her career and then was provided the opportunity to run a Therapeutic After-School Program (TASP) that captured her heart.  Kim was a social worker and quickly became the Director of TASP where she spent 15 years providing services in an engaging family centered atmosphere. Kim received two Master’s Degrees (MSW/MASS) in a dual degree program with Binghamton University and University at Albany. She is currently the Vice President of Quality for the Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference focusing on process improvement, quality of services, and data driven decision making. Kim believes that with the right relationships and collaboration, anything is possible.

About Us Successes James Wright Glasgow, Song Factory owner, director, and co-creator, is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning composer and the owner of Strange Fangs Song Factory, a music composition and production company in Orange County, New York. Originally from Binghamton, NY, Glasgow’s work has been performed in major cities across the US, Italy, England, Scotland, Iceland, Sweden, and Brazil. Clients he has composed for include the world-touring dance company Galumpha, the Burning Man Festival, Ryan Meadows (sound engineer for Game of Thrones, the Revenant), Sarah Dunton (animator for Tiesto, Post Malone), the New York City Poetry Festival, the Binghamton Philharmonic, Rochester Institute of Technology, and over 120 projects for numerous universities, commercial entities, and private clients since 2015. Glasgow specializes in cello, piano, bass, and guitar performance. Strange Fangs Song Factory is currently producing "Do You See What I Hear," an experimental music and poetry performance with award winning poet Mario Moroni on world tour. Prior to starting Song Factory, Glasgow had also spent five years working with youth in therapeutic settings, including a Therapeutic After School Program, residential treatment, and OPWDD/waiver provision settings.

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"On a scale from 1-10, this is a million gazillion billion."

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